Strengthen Connections with Your Constituents

Callitty is committed to delivering excellent outcomes for higher education institutions, municipalities, and government entities. We’ve worked on various campaigns, including those supporting higher education admissions. Our team is ready to help you establish a crisis or immediate communication call center swiftly to meet the needs of your constituents and communities. Let us provide reliable support tailored to your unique requirements.

Efficient Crisis Communications

Seamlessly field questions, collect survey responses, and gather feedback while swiftly setting up for immediate communication needs, ensuring preparedness for any crisis. Enjoy benefits such as 100% recorded calls, local area phone numbers, appointment scheduling, custom services, and comprehensive reporting. Access daily, weekly, and monthly reports, supported by a dedicated account manager offering tailored assistance at every step.

Effective Inbound Calling Services

Our inbound calling services offer a meaningful and personalized way to engage with customers, showcasing dedication to their satisfaction while enhancing brand recognition. We provide professional and efficient inbound call center services that streamline customer inquiries, offer support for appointment scheduling, and facilitate customer feedback collection. The best part is, we handle all these tasks, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.